EMIS Web Adapter for QuickFHIR
2.0.0 - draft

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Official URL: https://quickfhir:cloud/ig/@blackpear/quickfhir-aws-adapter-emisweb/ImplementationGuide/ig Version: 2.0.0
Draft as of 2022-12-13 Computable Name: EMISWeb

The EMIS Web Adapter for QuickFHIR provides an HL7 FHIR API for the EMIS Web clinical system.


A consumer can search for patients within the EHR and retrieve demographic and clinical information relating to the patient.

In addition, the consumer can write a batch of information to the EHR that will be recorded as a new encounter within the patient record.

Terms of use

The adapter uses components provided through the EMIS Partner Program to read and write data.

The adapter can only be used as part of an accredited EMIS partner product. Contact EMIS for more details about accrediting your product.

Where an endpoint is provided as a component of a Black Pear product that has already been accredited by EMIS, no further accreditation is required.


Each EMIS Web instance (e.g. GP practice) requires configuration before use, with an API user setup in EMIS Web.

An API user must be created within EMIS Web to allow the adapter to read/write data (instructions)

The following details will be provided to enable Black Pear to complete the configuration:

  • Practice ODS code
  • EMIS CDB no
  • Username
  • API Password

Black Pear will test the connection to confirm that the EMIS Web instance is correctly connected.

Operational dependencies

EMIS Web API service

The adapter depends on the EMIS Web API service, a proprietary XML web-services endpoint on the UK Health and Social Care Network. If this service becomes unavailable, the adapter will not be able to respond to requests.

EMIS Web API user

The adapter depends on the API user created within EMIS Web. On occasion, users inadvertently adjust the settings which means the adapter is unable to respond.

Black Pear will monitor connections to confirm that they are healthy and notify you in the event of problems.